Masi for Eddy Merckx

If you go to visit Alberto Masi in his own workshop in Via Arona in Milan or, if you prefer, under one of the bankings of the Vigorelli velodrome, you will have the chance to check out many beautiful things.

One of them is the bike made in 1969 by Masi for Eddy Merckx after he joined the Faema team.

This beauty has been completely restored by Mr. Alberto a couple of years ago and ever since you will find it in good company in his workshop, according to him this was the time trial version, easily recognizable by the job that was made on the rear chain stays, to have a more rigid back.

Fully equipped with a Campagnolo Nuovo Record Group-set and Cinelli handlebar and stem.

There is one more bike that i want to show you from my Masi visit. It will come soon.

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5 Responses to Masi for Eddy Merckx

  1. steve sumner says:

    I guess I’m still learning. I’ve thought ,for 30 yrs,that the slotted chainstays were
    Alberto’s invention for the prestige!

  2. John Burns says:

    Beautiful bike. Masi is the best. Merckx is the best. What a history together.

  3. Liz says:

    what does a bike like that go for? Curiously, Liz

  4. il elefantino says:

    Was ‘The Cannibal’ really that tall ? – i.e. that he needed a seemingly >63cm frame ? Maybe the frame does only look that huge on the pics, I dunno ;-)

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