stories of men and bikes: F. Masi & Aldo bini

I’m surely not the first one to tell this story, but being in Masi’s workshop and being in front of a legendary track bike made by Faliero Masi in 1946 for a real champion such as Aldo Bini, was an experience that I needed to share.

In 1940 Bini was a professional cyclist for the ‘Viscontea’ in Milan, but at that time they didn’t have a real “Reparto Corse” as  Bianchi or Legnano, so Bini, that knew Mr. Masi (because they came from the same region in Tuscany) invited him to work in Milan for the first time. He moved and started building frames for the Viscontea team in Milan Bovisa in via la Masa, and later, in 1943 Faliero was called up by the famous Learco Guerra and he was promised the possibility to skip the military service during the second world war in exchange for working for them. He stayed there ’til  ’48-’49 when he decided to open his own workshop in Milan, in Via Michelino da Besozzo. After a few months he moved again, thanks to the friendship with the director of the velodrome of that time, Mr. Belloni. But this time was the last one, cause you can still find a Masi under the curves of the Vigorelli.

In 1946 Aldo Bini was a rider for the Ganna team and he asked his friend Faliero to build the perfect track frame for him, this one showed in these pictures is the final result that of course was branded ‘Ganna’.

A real masterpiece, owned by a champion and made by a genius.

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