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3ttt Mod.1 Ciöcc panto stem


Used 3ttt Mod.1 stem - Ciöcc panto. 22.2 mm - length 105 mm c-c - Perfect to be installed on 70's Ciocc model.

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Black and panto

Ciocc black_3

Nuovo Record early 70′s Ciöcc panto. It’s so rare to find black anodized Campagnolo parts… and they are panto too! The Ciöcc logo, at that time, was an ace of spades, and only after 1977 the “poker” was used. A few more pictures here.

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Early Ciöcc decal set


It’s extremely rare to find a Ciöcc this old, this frame was made and painted in 1972, the first year of Pelizzoli’s production under this brand. If you’re lucky enough to own one, this is how it should look like, if not, bad news… probably repainted. Giovanni Pelizzoli, started making frames in 1967, but the brand Ciöcc was born only in 1972 According to Mr. Pelizzoli these decals are the right ones for frames made in 1972-1973. They feature the name of the brand on the down tube, the Ciöcc logo on the head tube and seat tube, stripes with “Curno – Bergamo” (which is the place where the frames were and are currently made as well) on the seat tube and 2 small stickers on the chain stays with the frame model, “Special Poker”.

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It’s back!


It took a while but the wait was worth it. Here we have the Ciöcc San Cristobal frame that I left  to Mr. Pelizzoli himself a few months ago and asked him to restore. Maybe you remember a previous post about it. He took really good care of it, and now it shows all its original beauty. The color is a special one, custom made only for the cycling team “Verdellese” based near Bergamo (IT), and makes this piece extremely rare. I had to wait a little longer than usual only because we were waiting for the new set of decals to be printed, but from now on, if you’re planning to have the team restore your Ciöcc, you should know that the all series are available again. Please get a look to the full gallery here.

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This is a beauty


I can’t deny it, since I met Mr. Pelizzoli for the first time it was hard to not get too involved in what he has done in his life as a framebuilder, all his frames look like masterpieces to me, and this one is actually for sale. So why don’t you find out more here. If this is the final result after an original Pelizzoli’s restoration, I can’t wait to put my hands on this one again.

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Hey! the green one is mine!


Since yesterday, Pelizzoli’s new website is online! It is called Pelizzoli world. Digging into their blog i found these pictures of frames waiting to be restored, and here it is! An old friend… Actually the green one is mine, I left it there last month and soon it will be perfectly restored… Looking forward to that! Now enjoy Pelizzoli’s website and blog, where you can find the new frames (road and track) made by Giovanni himself. For any information related to frame buying feel free to contact me, I’ll be in Bergamo soon to talk once again to the artisan Giovanni.

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La vecchia scuola – Giovanni Pelizzoli


… or the old school if you prefer. This is an example of real Italian craftmanship. Mr. Giovanni Pelizzoli is still really active with his brazing torch, and in this picture he is showing one of the latest model made, lugged steel construction, Columbus tubing and gold finishing for lugs and chain stay. Sweet, don’t you think? There is a small number of frames like the one you see in this picture that are for sale. For any further information, like prices, sizes, colors and so on, you can contact me via mail. They are such masterpieces!

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Back to ‘papa’


In the picture you see my Ciöcc frame with a special paint-job in green made for a team in the north of Italy close to Bergamo (Verdello), back in the hands of its Papa, Mr. Pelizzoli is gonna restore it for me, but first we have to find the original decals because he’s out of them! If anyone got information please let me know! It was great meeting such a legend as Giovanni Pelizzoli, soon I will write down a full report about my visit in his workshop.

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