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Pelizzoli at Velo Berlin


It was such a pleasure to meet the friends from Bergamo here in Berlin the last week end. Many thanks to Alessandro for made this happen. Mr. Giovanni himself and his son Samuel were there to show to the visitors, the handcrafted frames and bicycles. On their website there is a little report that you should check out. In case you live in Berlin and you missed your chance to put your eyes on Pelizzoli’s  frames, the guys from KeirinBerlin have a Corsa GP in their shop. So, pay a visit.

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La vecchia scuola – Giovanni Pelizzoli


… or the old school if you prefer. This is an example of real Italian craftmanship. Mr. Giovanni Pelizzoli is still really active with his brazing torch, and in this picture he is showing one of the latest model made, lugged steel construction, Columbus tubing and gold finishing for lugs and chain stay. Sweet, don’t you think? There is a small number of frames like the one you see in this picture that are for sale. For any further information, like prices, sizes, colors and so on, you can contact me via mail. They are such masterpieces!

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Back to ‘papa’


In the picture you see my Ciöcc frame with a special paint-job in green made for a team in the north of Italy close to Bergamo (Verdello), back in the hands of its Papa, Mr. Pelizzoli is gonna restore it for me, but first we have to find the original decals because he’s out of them! If anyone got information please let me know! It was great meeting such a legend as Giovanni Pelizzoli, soon I will write down a full report about my visit in his workshop.

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